Biomass and contract chipping

Contract chipping and Chipper Hire - Surrey and Sussex


Biomass Production and contract chipping -Surrey and Sussex

Benton Arboriculture offers a contract chipping service for land clearance firms ,private estates and tree contracting companies.

Using our crane fed Heizohack 8-400K we are able to produce high grade uniform wood chip to either G30 or G50 specifications

The heizohack chipper is crane fed using our roof mount and is powered by the 175 horse power Valtra Tractor . Capable of processing timber 16incX28inc we aim to process between 10-15 ton per hour.  

Our equipment is hired by the day and includes tractor chipper and operator.

We can also arrange transport of your chip to you yard or we can quote to dispose of your woodchip at one of our yards throughout surrey or Sussex.

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