Tree Surveys and Tree reports in Epsom, Surrey

Arboricultural Surveys, Reports & Consultancy

Tree inspections and surveys of trees may include assessment of health, condition, safety, impact of planned building work, hazard, risk assessment, impact on wildlife and damage risk to buildings.

The inspection process is not restricted to just the tree as a large amount of supportive evidence can be found by observing the surrounding area. This may include the past history of the area, the tree, soil type and environmental conditions. New buildings, construction, drainage of surrounding land, laying of patios etc can also have an effect on the condition of a tree.

In any inspection regarding tree health or safety, the consultant will look at each tree layer for biological signs including tree diseases, undersized leaves, discoloured foliage, dead branches and the presence of fungus. The consultant will recognise the significance of these observations and also look at any signs of structural weakness. 

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