Stump Grinding in Leatherhead, Surrey

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a method of tree stump removal, grinding down the stump rather than pulling it out of the ground. When removing a stump, grinding is usually sufficient to stop any regrowth but it does not remove the lateral roots so there are no guarantees!

I have an unwanted tree stump and need it removed. How do you do it?

Benton arboriculture has a range of stump grinder used from removing those troublesome tree stumps. Our machines range from small pedestrian grinders right the way through to larger tracked diesel powered machines.

How deep can you remove a tree stump to?

Our standard specified depth for stump removal is approximately 30cm below ground level and does not include lateral root unless specified by the customer beforehand.

I have no side access to my property can you still remove my stump?

The simple answer is yes. Our smallest machine can go through a pedestrian front door and measures 28 inc wide. We are able to take this machine through property if required but this is subject to a site visit before a quote can be given.

Once the stump is out how is the site left?

Once a stump has been removed the hole is backfilled level with the ground using some of the grinding. Any excess grinding will be removed from site.

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