Estate Services from Benton Arboriculture

Estate services & forestry

Forestry, Biomass chipping , Habitat creation and regeneration in Surrey and Sussex .

For estates and property owners who have a lot of land to manage we are able to offer the following services:

  1. Mechanical mowing using tractor flail mower or topper
  2. Timber felling and extraction – Priced by the ton  or by the day dependant on requirement and budget.
  3. Ride management and creation- includes removal of scrub and trees to create access to a woodland areas. New rides can be created or existing can be maintained.

Removal of green waste and chipping of timber and brush wood. 

Land clearance and Reclamation  Surrey

Valtra and Ahwi 500 Mulcher clearing around recently planted trees.

Tree Management for Estates

Heizohack 8-400k Biomass chipper capable of producing G30-G50 grade Biomass chip.

Tree Services for Estates