Storm damaged tree felling and removal

Tree Felling & Removal

Tree felling is the complete removal of the tree, to leave a stump just above ground level in height (see stump grinding/eco-plugs if complete removal is required).

Where space allows, the tree is felled in a single section using various techniques to control the direction of the fall. This is a procedure rarely carried out in residential properties due to lack of space. ­­­­Where space is limited, the tree will be taken down piece by piece.

We can safely dismantle any tree to ground level and we have considerable experience in working on difficult and restricted sites. Specialist equipment such as cranes and platforms can be utilised where necessary and, if required, traffic management can be arranged.

I have tree in my garden that need to be removed how do you do it?

Benton Arboriculture uses experienced and trained Tree surgeon an Arborist to carry out all it works.

Most of our work is carried out using ropes and Harness but there are times when we have to get in a MEWP (Mobile elevated works Platform) ,cranes or HIABS if a tree is unsuitable to climb or dangerous.

How do I get a quote for tree removal?

In the first instance, you will need to get in touch with our office. This can be done via phone or email  ( Click here to Contact us ) . Our friendly office staff will arrange for one of our staff to visit at a convenient time and discuss the different options with you.

Our quotations are free of charge and are provided in writing via email or post.

Can I remove a tree with a TPO or in a conservation area?

If your tree is covered by a tree preservation it is unlikely you will be able to remove it without good reason.

People often ask what is a good reason? In order to remove a TPO tree it has to be dead or dangerous. This means that the tree either show no signs of growth ,buds etc or it has some form of decay which mean that the tree is rendered unsafe.

If you live in a conservation area you can remove certain trees after gaining permission from the local council. It is still unlikely that you will be able to remove very large trees that have significant value to the area and the council may place a TPO on the tree to stop you doing this.

Benton Arboriculture is able to assist with this process in order to help our customers achieve there desired outcome.

Ask Tree Removal Caterham Surrey

The stem of a large Ash tree located in Caterham Surrey, The tree which was located in a domestic garden had died and need to be removed due to health and safety.

The Benton Arboriculture team setting up at a road side site in Islington. The tree being removed on behalf of Gingko gardens had become dangerous and was likely to fail onto the road.

Traffic management and a platform were used to remove the tree safely. Local authority's the NHS and a local school all had to be notified before works could be carried out  

Beech Tree extraction by Surrey Tree Surgeons

The Main stem of a 100ft Giant redwood in Reigate Surrey. The tree which was in domestic back garden had dies over a number of years due to honey fungus. The tree had to be removed in small sections as there was limited side access to the property.

A expensive summer house and a number of fences added to the complexity of the job.


The final section of the tree was felled in a 10ft section.


The finished site after the stump had been ground out and all rubbish removed from site

Tree Removal of Storm Damaged Birch by Cherry Picker

An emergency job for Epsom and Ewell council. The large poplar which was in a domestic property had fallen onto the road during high wind. Benton Arboriculture were bought in by the council to removed the remaining tree and allow the road to be re- opened.

A Large Tulip tree in Chipstead

A large Tulip tree in Chipstead which had to be removed due to Phytophthora ramorum. The Tree covered by a TPO ( Tree preservation order ) was removed after gaining consent from Reigate and Banstead council and will have to be replaced as part of the conditions of removal.

The main stem and last of the crown after day one

A hiab was bought in in order to remove the main stem and prevent damage to plants and shrubs below the tree