Deadwood Removal of Giant Redwood in Epsom, Surrey


Deadwood removal in Surrey, Sussex and Kent

Deadwooding is the removal of significant dead limbs and branches from a tree. Light deficiency, pests and disease damage and damage to roots are some of the reasons why branches can die off.


Why has my tree got deadwood within the crown?

There are a number of reasons why tree's contain deadwood. Some species such as pines and spruces will kill off the lower branches as they become surplus to requirement or get shaded out by the canopy above. Deadwood on broadleaf tree's tends to be towards the middle of the crown and is generally a result of heavy shading.

Does lots of deadwood mean my tree is unwell ?

Some times excessive deadwood within the crown of a tree or towards the ends of the branches can indicate that there are other issues relating to the trees health. Large dead branches and lots of minor deadwood can be a good indicator of root problems such as honey fungus or Meriplieus.

 When you deadwood a tree how much do you remove?

 When deadwood a tree it is almost impossible to remove everything. On our quotations we often specify a maximum diameter to be removed. In back gardens we often specify that all deadwood up to a diameter 100mm in diameter is removed. If the tree is in a public place or over a road we will remove all deadwood to 50mm in diameter.





Deadwooding and removal of Lime tree in Dorking, Surrey

One of Benton Arboriculture's climbers removing deadwood from a TPO Cedar in Reigate Surrey.

This large tree was a focal point in front of the house but deadwood kept damaging cars parked underneath. Care had to be taken as New Artificial grass had just bee put down.